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Ana Lúcia on Exploring a Tree
:) Cute.

Existence Artistique on Exploring a Tree

Elaine Hancock on Big Red
This is a gorgeous portrait! She was posing nicely for you!

Harry on Big Red
nice critter portrait

Existence Artistique on Big Red
bien vu

Existence Artistique on Color Within

Ralf Kesper on Color Within
Really nice in this soft contrast treatment and tonings.

Existence Artistique on Claimed by October
bien ce rouge

Devi on The Reds of Autumn
Superb capture !

Devi on Claimed by October
wow...wonderful autumn colours !! Have a nice weekend :)

Ralf Kesper on Claimed by October
Wonderful colors!

Anne on Claimed by October
Beau rouge

Magda on Claimed by October
Spectacular colours

Libouton Martine on The Reds of Autumn
Une belle scène d'automne

Existence Artistique on The Reds of Autumn
bien ce rouge orangé

Steven on Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds
A splendid medley of beautiful autumnal colors!!

Magda A.-Coulter on Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds
Gorgeous colours and textures

Existence Artistique on Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds
belles couleurs

Devi on Harvest Wagon of Pumpkins
CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devi on Harvest Wagon of Pumpkins
Wonderful display of the pumpkins..I would buy that cart too!!

Devi on Harvest Castaways
Beautiful capture.. but pathetic looking harvest !

Devi on Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds
wow...what a variety here ! Splendid shot !!!

Ralf Kesper on Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds
Wonderful konvolut.

omid on Harvest Castaways
very nice shot! such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & colors!

Existence Artistique on Harvest Castaways
bien les lignes orangés

Ralf Kesper on Harvest Castaways
Very nice tonings.

Ana Lúcia on Worcester Insane Asylum

Magda A.-Coulter on Waiting in the Pumpkin Patch
Lovely! Great selective focus

Magda A.-Coulter on Delicious Pumpkin Display
Oh so cute! Great clarity and textures

Magda A.-Coulter on Worcester Insane Asylum
Wow! Spectacular

Existence Artistique on Worcester Insane Asylum

Ralf Kesper on Worcester Insane Asylum
I love this!

JPA on Worcester Insane Asylum
joli traitement!! amts

Le Krop on Worcester Insane Asylum
Digne des plus grands polars : bravo !*****

Existence Artistique on Delicious Pumpkin Display

Devi on Mounds of Harvest
Fantastic capture of the vegetables!

Devi on Waiting in the Pumpkin Patch
wow.. a fantastic capture ! That kid looks lovely surrounded by the pumpkins !

Devi on Delicious Pumpkin Display
I love this little fellow ! What a treat for him ! No trick here !

ARIKA on Delicious Pumpkin Display
Well captured!

Anna Cherer on Delicious Pumpkin Display
Cute scene ! the little visitor is hungry ;-)

Anne on Delicious Pumpkin Display

Dimitrios on Harvest Wagon of Pumpkins

Existence Artistique on Waiting in the Pumpkin Patch
oh marrante

Olivier P on Waiting in the Pumpkin Patch
Love this catch so much ! Great shot ! Well done !

Anna Cherer on Waiting in the Pumpkin Patch
A funny image ! I thought boys were born in cabbages, but they’re actually born in pumpkins ;-)

Gary on Yellow Fall Pumpkin
Simple and effective image

Existence Artistique on Mounds of Harvest
bien vu

JPA on Mounds of Harvest
belle "bande de courge"!! amts

rem_la on Mounds of Harvest
une bonne soupe en perspective

Magda A.-Coulter on Harvest Wagon of Pumpkins
Beautiful! Congratulations on the spotlight

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